Luke Norris breaks K4/20 record yet again

After a day of heavy showers and dark clouds – apart from a few spots – it somehow managed to stay dry for the club’s return to its 20km K4/20 course. The weather did however result in a number of non-starters, but the 28 riders who took part still put in some great times, with two records being broken.

First off were three club juniors, all 13 and under and chaperoned by their fathers. Alex Putt, starting his first ever TT, managed 38.50, while Bella Boyles was just shy of her women’s U16 record, on 36.35. Will Morris did however break his U16 men’s record by 1 second on 36.27.

Young Will Morris broke boy’s U16 record

In the women’s category Annie Heaney (Team Cherwell) set a great winning time of 31:21, putting her 13th overall. In second place was the first club rider Fay Barrington on 32:23, while Denise Shepherd (Team Cherwell) was third on 33:02.

Back to the weather, it really didn’t look ideal for fast times, but nobody told Luke Norris that. Almost every time he rides a club course now, he breaks a record and this time was no different. Earlier in the year he lowered the club record to 26.42, so taking a further 40 seconds off that record to 26.02 is very impressive. Blaine Carpenter was second on 28.10 and Ben Heaney (Team Cherwell) third on 28.29.


Luke Norris breaks club course record again

Normally this particular TT is part of a local Interclub event, but the recent disruptions have not made this possible. We were however able to put together an impromptu competition with our friends at Team Cherwell who join us every week. So, taking the times of the fastest two men and two women of each club, BSCC beat TC with a total time of 123m.36s. against 128m. 34s.

Top 10 Results; 1. Luke Norris 26:02, 2. Blaine Carpenter 28:10, 3. Ben Heaney 28:29, 4. Graham Martin 28:36, 5. Simon Bull 28:43, 6. Jamie Chatfield 28:55, 7. Matt Norris 29:40, 8. Mark Davis 29:42, 9. Steve Goddard 29:49, 10. Luke Sherlock 30:10