Bull and Martin take close 2UpTT win

What great events the club’s two annual 2UpTTs are turning out to be, especially now we have more juniors and women entering our weekly TTs. Nineteen teams took part on Wednesday evening, seven of which comprised of family members.

Riding a good 2UpTT is all about pacing each other, taking organised turns on the front, allowing the following rider to shelter and rest a little. Good communication is also important and experienced regular competitor Jon Simpkins had a cunning plan. He fitted daughter Peggy’s bike with a simple bell – one ring from Peggy meant he was going too fast, 2 rings meant speed up.

Another near perfect evening awaited the riders; however, no records would be set on this occasion, due to a shortened course. Temporary traffic lights towards the end of the K4/20 course in Drayton, reduced the course length by just under 2 miles – using the Hardriders finish outside Wroxton.

In the women’s category Annie Heaney and Denise Shepherd (Team Cherwell) set the fastest time of 27.04. In second place was the mother and daughter team of Kim Shaw and Heidi Yates on 28.33. In third place and riding on their own for the first time, was the junior pairing of 13-year-old Bella Boyles and 15-year-old Poppy Kisley, who set a great time of 32.05.

Women’s winners Annie Heaney and Denise Shepherd

If there was a family category, then this was quite closely fought, with husband-and-wife team Nick and Naomi de Pennington setting a time of 26.15, just 37 seconds ahead of father and daughter, Jon and Peggy Simpkins. In this category was also the appearance of two 12-year-old juniors, Owen Anderson and Will Morris, who rode with their fathers.

In the men’s and overall category, there were good battles, particularly at the front, with Simon Bull and Graham Martin, just beating father and son team Matt and Luke Norris by just 8 seconds – stopping the clocks at 24.07. In third was Joe Dunlop and Nick Nixon on 24.46, fourth Mark Davis and Stuart Quick on 24.50 and fifth Josh Lovell and Luke Sherlock on 24.56.


Overall winners Simon Bull and Graham Martin

Several riders rode solo on the night with Simon Smart (Drag2Zero) setting the fastest time of 23.49