Trinders Trophy Downhill Freewheel Competition

A huge amount of training goes in to the performances we see week in, week out from the regular time trial competitors who go to extreme lengths in their relentless pursuit of marginal gains to be able to demonstrate their prowess going very fast up hills and on the flat.

But all that training goes out of the window when it comes to the downhill freewheel competition, the one where not a single pedal stroke is allowed and a strict low-carb diet is positively frowned upon as the FLABs get their revenge over their mountain goat-esque club mates.

That sounds great you may think but what does this unique race entail? Competitors will be given a time trial type of assisted start at the very top of a hill near Hempton and the winner is the rider who can coast the furthest after descending the first hill, cresting a small rise and then negotiating a tricky bend. All without pedalling. The winner will receive the Trinders Trophy

To take part you can either make your own way out to Hempton for the 1130 start, or go on the Saturday club rides whose routes will coincide with the hill to allow as many members as possible to compete. There’s no registration requiredm it’s just a bit of fun, so the time saved doing this can be spent eating even more cake – this is the serious training that’s required to be competitive!