Dave Pittman glides to Trinders Trophy win

The club’s final event of the year, the annual Trinders Trophy Downhill Freewheel competition, took place on Saturday in glorious sunshine. This event, like the hill climb, is now part of the club’s Saturday group rides and attracted a full field of approximately 40 riders, including two juniors.

From a standing start at the top of Hempton hill, there is only one rule to this competition – no pedalling. Any type of bike is allowed and it’s fair to say, the heavier rider has a distinct advantage, which is why the club’s treasurer, Matt Sleath, decided to wear a rather heavy rucksack. The speed picks up soon enough, but if you don’t manage to crest the small halfway rise, you have no chance of a win. Riders who make it over then continue downhill until the course levels out and you gradually grind to a halt. The rider who goes the furthest wins.

Built for downhill speed – Trinders Trophy winner Dave Pittman

As often happens, quite a few riders never made it over the crest. Those that did included the winner in 2013 and 2014, Simon Kisley, who started as one of the favourites. However, winning this time, by a margin of around 5 metres, was club welfare officer Dave Pittman. In second place, for the second time running was Darrel Foulk, with Simon finishing third this time. Aiden Daniels was fourth, Johnathan Pape fifth and Mark Boyles sixth. Positions second to sixth all separated by probably less than a metre.

Special mention and thanks must go to Janet Watts for again supplying flapjacks for competitors at the start. Also, to lead marshal and finish judge Oli Wright, ably assisted by his daughter and Matt Sleath’s children. A great end to a very successful season of competition.