K4/5 TT Results

It was cold, but at least it stayed dry! Our first Wednesday TT of the season and a small field braved the weather (some even in shorts!) for the 5 mile trip from Gaydon to Kineton and back. It was good to see the season start as the lasty ended with a good representation of u18s riding. Also impressive was everyone’s ability to fit a front andf back light!!! 🙂

So the results:

19 Mr Josh Newbould Banbury Star CC 1 M1 10.56
17 Josh Lovell Banbury Star CC 2 M2 11.48
14 Lee Heron Banbury Star CC 3 M3 12.01
15 Tobi Ng PB Performance 4 M4 12.22
18 Ben Heaney Team Cherwell 5 M5 12.23
12 Steve Goddard Banbury Star CC 6 M6 12.38
11 Lydia Watts AWOL Worx Galliard 7 F1 12.4
16 Naomi de Pennington Banbury Star CC 8 F2 12.58
20 Mark Boyles Banbury Star CC 9 M7 12.59
13 Simon Kisley Banbury Star CC 10 M8 13.2
9 Roger Foster Banbury Star CC 11 M9 13.37
10 Poppy Kisley Banbury Star CC 12 F3/U181 13.47
6 Sam Martin Banbury Star CC 13 M10/U182 14.02
7 David Broadhead Banbury Star CC 14 M11 14.42
2 Alastair Gilroy Banbury Star CC 15 M12 14.48
1 Isabella Boyles Banbury Star CC 16 F4/U183 14.51
8 Scott Robertson Banbury Star CC 17 M13 14.52
3 Ross Donovan Banbury Star CC 18 M14 16.15
5 Chris Tunstall Banbury Star CC 19 M15 16.39
4 Richard Ivins Banbury Star CC 20 M16 16.44

The two Josh’s lead the way on the night with Josh Newbould the only rider to record a sub 11 time. Lydia and Naomi renew their contest at the top of the ladies times with less than 2/10ths between them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out next week for the 2up TT on the K4/20 course at the later time of 18:30. Entries will go up on the website Thursday.

Rhys, Oli, Roger, Rebecca and Adam