270422 K4/20 TT Results

A colder and windy evening this week saw some good performances especially from our rapid juniours. A reduced field on the evening with illness and injuries taking their toll last minute, however more familiar faces back on the scene. There are tooman y names to wish get well soon, so stars please wrap up warm and in cotton wool ahead of our first visit to Tysoe next week, although after previous years you may need the cotton wool for the pitch ford wielding locals!!

It may have been cold but there were still some red hot times (I’m available for weedings and funerals, boom boom!) Tonight was also the night for matching times with no less than 3 ties for time and 3 others within seconds of each other

Poppy Kisley setting a new BSCC U16 record by 9 seconds and Alex Putt lowering his own BSCC U16 record by 10 seconds. What are we feeding these kids!!

Simon Smart D2Z 1 M1 00:28:00
John Simpkins Other 2 M2 00:28:04
Ben Heaney Team Cherwell 3 M3 00:29:06
Josh Lovell BSCC 4 M4 00:29:10
Simon Bull BSCC 4 M4 00:29:10
Darren Alexander Team Cherwell 6 M6 00:30:10
Ed Anderson BSCC 7 M7 00:30:21
Dan Pebody BSCC 8 M8 00:30:50
Stuart Quick BSCC 8 M9 00:30:50
Nay De Pennington BSCC 10 F1 00:30:57
Steve Goddard BSCC 11 M10 00:30:59
Jose Gonzales BSCC 12 M11 00:31:32
Simon Kisley BSCC 13 M12 00:31:46
Mark Boyles BSCC 14 M13 00:32:01
Alex Putt BSCC 15 U181 00:33:08
Annie Heaney Team Cherwell 15 F2 00:33:08
Rich Collier BSCC 17 M14 00:33:18
Peggy Simpkins BSCC 18 U182 00:33:19
Poppy Kisley BSCC 19 U183 00:34:15
Will Morris BSCC 20 U184 00:35:05
Ruth Evans Team Cherwell 21 F3 00:35:09
Sam Martin BSCC 22 U185 00:35:33
Neil Simpson BSCC 23 M15 00:35:50
Dariusz Granisz BSCC 24 M16 00:35:56
Alistair Gilroy BSCC 25 M17 00:36:40
Ian Thomas Team Cherwell 26 M18 00:37:02

Thankas always to the time keeping team – Roger and Anthony and the marshalls Kim, Ant, Roger and Lee