040522 TLI Tysoe10 Results

First of all apologies. We took a chance on kind traffic lights and they didn’t materialise. Only 3 people from a field of 25 were not held up to some extent.

Back to the night, after an afternoon of heavy rain that washed away Mark Boyles – yet to be seen since Coventry – a pleasant evening unfolded and the best part of the day was to be found by the finish.

With thanks to Ben Heaney for his light timing (Roger the dancing didn’t work!) which allowed us to recognise no more than 5 new records

Josh Newbould – BSCC Mens

Nay de P – BSCC Female

Alex Putt – BSCC U16 Male

Peggy Simpkins – BSCC U18 Female

Poppy Kisley – BSCC U16 Female

Josh Newbould Banbury Star CC 1 M1 00:21:15
John Simpkins D2Z 2 M2 00:22:41
Lee Heron Banbury Star CC 3 M3 00:23:33
Josh Lovell Banbury Star CC 4 M4 00:23:36
Ed Anderson Banbury Star CC 5 M5 00:24:15
Darren Alexander Team Cherwell 6 M6 00:24:23
Naomi de Pennington Banbury Star CC 7 F1 00:24:37
Steve Goddard Banbury Star CC 8 M7 00:24:39
Daniel Pebody Banbury Star CC 9 M8 00:24:47
Stuart Quick Banbury Star CC 10 M9 00:24:49
James Bryant Banbury Star CC 11 M10 00:25:22
Simon Leach Banbury Star CC 12 M11 00:25:36
Annie Heaney Team Cherwell 13 F2 00:26:17
Denise Shepherd Team Cherwell 14 F3 00:26:23
Roger Foster Banbury Star CC 125 M12 00:26:26
Simon Kisley Banbury Star CC 16 M13 00:26:28
Alex Putt Banbury Star CC 17 U181 00:26:32
Peggy Simpkins Banbury Star CC 18 U182 00:26:39
Andrew Morris Banbury Star CC 19 M14 00:26:53
Poppy Kisley Banbury Star CC 20 U183 00:27:09
Sam Martin Banbury Star CC 21 U184 00:27:24
Matt Sleath Banbury Star CC 22 M15 00:29:12
Doug Rose Team Cherwell 23 M16 00:31:08
Greg Heath Team Cherwell 24 M17 00:33:32
Debi Coles Team Cherwell 25 F4 00:34:13

And as always the night couldn’t happen without our team. Anthony Ackner on the start line (with his helper Ross), Bill Ord, Lee Davies and Mike out on course.

Later time of 7pm next week and back to the K4/20 for the Athletes TT