110522 K4/20 Athletes TT Results

Hi all,

A great nights racing and lovely to see so many “Athlete’s” in one place 😉 Oli and Roger looked after you well on a blustery night, however rumour has it the ultimate Athlete is still on course – Has anyone seen Matt Sleath??

Two tables for the results, athlete and TT. Athlete of the day goes to Peggy Simpkins on a TT bike breaking Lydia’s 5 year old U18 Ladies course record!

Looking forward to a warm evening on the K4/20 next week


Thomas Briers Athlete1 M1 00:30:08
Josh Lovell Athlete2 M2 00:30:38
Jose Diego Gonzalez Athlete3 M3 00:30:47
Tobi Ng Athlete4 M4
Richard Santhouse
Stephen Goddard
Athlete 5 M5
Athlete 6 M6
Simon Leech Athlete7 M7 00:34:18
Albert Stepien Athlete8 M8 00:34:28
Stuart Quick Athlete9 M9 00:34:29
Andrew Morris Athlete10 M10 00:34:30
Sam Martin Athlete11 U161 00:34:59
Annie Heaney Athlete12 F1 00:35:00
Poppy Kisley Athlete13 U162 00:35:10
Simon Kisley Athlete14 M11 00:35:31
David Broadhead Athlete15 M12 00:35:49
Denise Shepherd Athlete16 F2 00:36:28
Alex Putt Athlete17 U163 00:36:44
Isabella Boyles Athlete18 U164 00:36:52
Phil Gilkes Athlete19 M13 00:38:22
Lee Davies Athlete20 M14 00:39:48
Debi Coles Athlete21 F3 00:46:23
David Shepherd Athlete22 M15 01:00:06
Jon Simpkins TT1 M1 00:28:00
Ben Heaney TT2 M2 00:29:15
Naomi de Pennington TT3 F1 00:31:04
Roger Foster TT4 M3 00:31:55
Rich Collier TT5 M4 00:32:22
Heidi Yates TT6 F2 00:32:52
Peggy Simpkins TT7 U181 00:33:16
Kim Shaw TT8 F3 00:34:48
Owen Anderson TT9 U182 00:36:15