180522 K4/20 Results

Maybe we need to race in rain more often! A new ladies winner – Heidi Yates. A new BSCC course record for Josh Newbould by 9 seconds. Peggy Simpkins took a whole minute off her new U18 BSCC ladies record, and our U16’s continue their hot streak with Sam, Alex, Poppy and Bella all going faster than the course records – Alex and Bella setting the new Male and Ladies BSCC U16 records by over 30 seconds each!

Phew – that was a lot of fast riding on a fairly rubbish night. Next week is for the longer distance riders with a chance for silverware with the Friswell Cup up for grabs for the fastest rider on the K4/25W course. Just a note – There are no current U18 or U16 records 😉


josh newbould Banbury Star CC 1 M1 00:26:10
Simon Smart D2Z 2 M2 00:27:18
Jon Simpkins D2Z 3 M3 00:27:59
Josh lovell Banbury Star CC 4 M4 00:28:32
Ben Heaney Team Cherwell 5 M5 00:29:37
Darren Alexander Team Cherwell 6 M6 00:30
Steve Goddard Banbury Star CC 7 M7 00:30:25
Roger Foster Banbury Star CC 8 M8 00:31:51
Rich Collier Banbury Star CC 9 M9 00:32:05
Heidi Yates Banbury Star CC 10 F1 00:32:07
Simon Kisley Banbury Star CC 11 M10 00:32:14
Peggy Simpkins Banbury Star CC 12 U181 00:32:16
Lydia Watts Other 13 F3 00:32:24
Alex Putt Banbury Star CC 14 U182 00:32:36
Sam Martin Banbury Star CC 15 U183 00:32:46
mark boyles Banbury Star CC 16 M11 00:32:53
Kim Shaw Team Cherwell 17 F4 00:33:03
isabella boyles Banbury Star CC 18 U184 00:33:52
Garry Putt Banbury Star CC 19 M12 00:34:09
Poppy Kisley Banbury Star CC 20 U185 00:34:16
Scott Robertson Banbury Star CC 21 M13 00:34:19
Ila Pearson Banbury Star CC 22 F5 00:36:04
Gyles Horner Team Cherwell 23 M14 00:36:33
Doug Rose Team Cherwell 24 M15 00:38:10