250522 K4/25W Friswell Cup – Registration Open

It’s Friswell Cup week on the K4/25W and a chance to compete for some silverware. The HQ is in the layby near the Herb Centre on the B4100. Parking in the layby, or on the approach to F N Pile & Sons (with a note in the window to indicate your participation in the TT)

The good news is that for 2022, all of the previous Covid restrictions have been dropped, the only thing we have decided to retain is registration but that becomes optional as a way of reserving a starting place. By doing this we have listened to your feedback and can go back to allowing on-the-evening entry, the first time since 2019 but if you chose this you do accept the risk of possibly not getting a starting place because we now have almost 80 club members paying the TT supplement.

This is the order of racing priority we will assign for all who register for our 2022 races:

1) Banbury Star CC members who’ve paid the TT supplement
2) Banbury Star CC members who’ve not paid the TT supplement
3) Team Cherwell members
4) Members of other clubs who have raced a TT with us last year
5) Everyone else including those who turn up on the night without registering

And within each of those categories, entry is determined based on the time you register to race so the earlier you do it the higher your chances of being able to take part.

Race Registration

Registration is now open and closes at 5pm on the Tuesday and we will be sending out an email later that evening to let entrants know if they have been successful (in case of over subscription) and also their start number.

For 2022, our Wednesday evening time trials will remain under the umbrella of The League International rather than CTT. The biggest change introduced by this decision is the need for all riders to hold TLI membership which must be taken out before registering to ride. You must show your 2022 TLI membership card to the time keeper at sign-on to prove you have paid for this year. If you haven’t already done so please e-mail you e-membership card to: ttsecretary@banburystar.co.uk

Join TLI here

Race HQ

Race number collection starts from 6.00pm in the layby near the Herb centre on the B4100 and closes at 6.40pm with the first rider off at 7.01pm. Please remember that working front and rear lights are mandatory, no light equals no start and this rule will be strictly enforced. The other rule change for 2022 is that helmets are now mandatory.


Additional Parking

Please do not park on Ludlow Drive or any other residential area.

Race Officials

Timekeepers: Oli Wright, Rhys Martin
Pusher: n/a
Marshals: Roger Gollicker, Scott Robertson, Mark Boyles

Race Route

After a standing start (which is relatively flat so clipping in shouldn’t pose a problem), the course takes riders down a long gentle rise to the outskirts of Banbury. The course then preceeds through the first roundabout by the Sainsbury’s local before going completely around the next roundabout and returning back along the route, past the start and then down Warmington Hill along the Banbury road. The course then proceeds through the new roundabout and along to Gaydon roundabout. The riders will go all around the roundabout and proceed back along the course, back up Warmington Hill and along to the outskirts of Banbury once again. After going straigh through the first rounabout the riders will once again go all around the second roundabout and back along the course to the finish line near Camper King.

Course records

DateNameTime Club
31 Aug 2020Luke Norris0:54:56MBSCC
24 May 2017Jon Simpkins0:55:05M Non-BSCCDrag2Zero
3 Jul 2019Naomi de Pennington1:02:56FBSCC
07 Jun 2023Lydia Watts1:01:45F Non-BSCCHutchinson Brother
05 Jul 2023Joseph Hedley1:08:47MU18 BSCC
8 Jun 2022Peggy Simpkins1:09:20FU18 BSCC
25 May 2022Alex Putt1:10:03MU16 BSCC
25 May 2022Poppy Kisley1:11:28FU16 BSCC

Entry fees

All riders who have to pay will do so by contactless means at the race HQ before collecting their number (debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay), no cash or IOUs accepted!

Banbury Star members who’ve paid the TT supplement: no charge
Banbury Star members who’ve not paid the TT supplement: £2
Team Cherwell members: £3 which is paid by your club
Other riders: £3


To manage the demand for our events and provide a smoother, faster sign-on process competitors can chose to pre-register to take part.

When you register using the form at this link you will receive an auto reply emailed to you using the address you enter to acknowledge your registration. If you don’t see the email then a) look in your Junk/Spam folder, then b) register again and then c) contact the club.

We will be keeping a record of those who register but don’t turn up on the evening and reserve the right to withdraw this option if you have a history of no-showing.

Finally, there’s just one more thing to say:

“Do a good ride!”

Registration form link