010622 – TLI Tysoe 10 Results

First time out and a lovely night for it. Dry and fast. Overall opinion of the new course was positive – there were calls for a revisit later in the year! Records were of course set for first riders home in each catergory but with many held up in traffic there is lots of scope for faster times next time!


josh newbould Banbury Star CC 1 M1 00:20:23
Josh lovell Banbury Star CC 2 M2 00:21:12
Simon Smart D2Z 3 M3 00:21:14
Alex Hodgkinson Ilkeston CC 4 M4 00:21:20
Jon Simpkins D2Z 5 M5 00:21:43
Ben Heaney Team Cherwell 6 M6 00:22:50
Stuart Quick Banbury Star CC 7 M7 00:23:06
Mark Boyles Banbury Star CC 8 M8 00:23:37
Naomi de Pennington Banbury Star CC 9 F1 00:23:51
Roger Foster Banbury Star CC 10 M9 00:24:08
Peggy Simpkins Banbury Star CC 11 U181 00:24:47
Simon Kisley Banbury Star CC 12 M10 00:24:49
Annie Heaney Team Cherwell 13 F2 00:25:00
Scott Robertson Banbury Star CC 14 M11 00:25:53
Alex Putt Banbury Star CC 15 U16/18M1 00:26:02
Gary Putt Banbury Star CC 16 M12 00:26:13
Poppy Kisley Banbury Star CC 17 U16F1 00:26:24
Andrew Kirby Banbury Star CC 18 M13 00:28:17
Greg Heath Team Cherwell 19 M14 00:29:34