220622 – K4/30 Edmunds Cup Results

A beutiful evening for a TT and the Red Lion was very hospitable! Back to the racing and the hot weather saw a hard race but with some quick times. Congratulations to Josh Lovell on winning th Edmunds Cup as first star home. Also congratulations to the Simpkins family with Peggy setting a U18 ladies record and dad John taking the non-BSCC male record from Henry Sleight’s time set last year.


Jon Simpkins D2Z 1 M1 01:10:47
Josh Lovell BSCC 2 M2 01:12:48
Ben Heaney TC 3 M3 01:15:22
Simon Bull BSCC 4 M4 01:16:04
Simon Leach TC 5 M5 01:18:51
Lee Heron BSCC 6 M6 01:18:52
Nay de P BSCC 7 F1 01:18:53
Stuart Quick BSCC 8 M7 01:20:02
Annie Heaney TC 9 F2 01:28:08
Peggy Simpkins BSCC 10 U181 01:29:42
David Broadhead BSCC 11 M8 01:31:50
Ila Pearson BSCC 12 F3 01:37:56
Andrew Sleight TC 13 M9 01:43:56