060722 K4/25W Results

A nice evening, a bit of wind and a threat of rain but 10 intrepid riders came out to see a new winner of the Russel Memorial Bowl. Congratulations to first Star home, Ed Anderson.

Jon Simpkins D2Z 1 M1 00:57:06
Ben Heaney Team Cherwell 2 M2 00:58:42
Ed Anderson Banbury Star CC 3 M3 01:01:25
Lee Heron Banbury Star CC 4 M4 01:02:05
Stuart Quick Banbury Star CC 5 M5 01:04:01
Roger Foster Banbury Star CC 6 M6 01:05:19
Annie Heaney Team Cherwell 7 F1 01:10:20
Denise Shepherd Team Cherwell 8 F2 01:12:32
Ila Pearson Banbury Star CC 9 F3 01:13:08
Andrew Sleight Team Cherwell 10 M7 01:19:19