200722 K4/15 TT

After the record breaking hot weather it was good to get back to some cooler weather and made for a perfect night for racing. A tailwind going up edghill, twice, was just what the doctor ordered for the 15 riders out tonight. It was great to welcome a couple of new riders for this year, Ben Hoskins and Matt Cowing, the latter having marshalled last week and raced this week having got the “bug back”!

Once again our juniors are setting the standards, this time the boys trading records as Sam Martin tonight took 4 minutes off Alex Putt’s course record from just 3 weeks ago. Thankfully dad Graham, chaperoning, was dropped as Sam raced for the finishing line and ended up on the grass verge under heavy braking! The smell of burning rubber filled the air as Graham now has visions of things to come as Sam goes faster and faster at age 13!

Once again the ability to enter on the evening saw the field grow three fold in size and allowed old rivalries to be renewed and new personal milestones to be achieved, Ed Anderson overjoyed the everyoung Jon Simpkins didn’t catch him.

Next week is the Interclub trophy on the K4/20 with the opportunity to race as a CTT day licence holder to encourage competition between different clubs. Keep an eye out for details tomorrow.

Thanks as always to the timekeepers – Rhys, Oli and Harry and our marshalls – Mike, Fay and Hayley