Star Retain Interclub Cup TT

Wednesday evening was cloudy with the threat of a storm in the air greeted the riders in the Interclub TT. Staged on one of our favourite courses, the K4/20. Banbury Star v Team Cherwell v The Rest makes up the Interclub TT and become Champions of Banburyshire. 

From a field of 18 riders , 14 club members took part, against Team Cherwell 3 Riders and Jon Simpkins of D2Z.  Banbury Star had enough riders in the top finishing times and retained the Interclub Cup. Jon Simpkins was quickest on the night, with a time of 27.22, followed very closely by Josh Lovell for Banbury Star in a time of 28.00 and Ben Heaney for Team Cherwell in a time of 28.53. Our Juniors also showed off their TT skills, Sam Martin, Peggy Simpkins and Poppy Kisley, posting excellent times 31.02, 32.20 and 33.21 respectively. 

The TT run was run in a slightly different way with Only 3 TC riders the riders they were paired up in a direct competition.  The theme carried . on to all riders and the starting order was done as pairs with the even chasing the odd (2 chased 1, 4 chased 3 etc). It was a “Rabbit Vs Hare” style – or in Lee Heron’s case the Hare-less!! (Bald pun joke).

Great fun to have a slight difference but everyone still riding for an individual time, just with bragging rights.

Well done to the Club for retaining the trophy and congratulations to everyone who took part. 

Next weeks’  TT on Wednesday 3rd August on the TLI Tysoe 10 Course, the season is very quickly coming to an end, so sign up now for this one and give it a go. You are only racing against yourself and you don’t have to have a high tech TT machine.