CAT 3 Promotion for Quick

Quick up to CAT 3

Stuart Quick raced at Abingdon and MK Bowl last Wednesday and Thursday. The aim was to get the points required to get from CAT4 upto CAT3, being currently sat on 8 points with 12 needed to go up to CAT3.

Wednesday at Abingdon on a relatively still but overcast evening, the race started at a pretty rapid pace compared to the last few weeks, with 3 or 4 riders pushing the pace on from the start, trying to create a breakaway. However none of the moves stuck and Stuart  sat in the pack, with sprinting not being Stuarts’ strongest asset  he needed to be near the front. Final lap he managed to get onto  riding in 2nd wheel until just before the final corner, when the attacks started, 3 riders went past, he tried to jump on the back, and was fourth into the home straight and managed to hold on for 8th and 2 points, So up to 10 points.

Then onto Thursday and MK Bowl, a smaller field this time and was also joined by fellow star rider Peter Drnovsek. First lap was relatively steady, then a change of tactics for this one with Peter, Stuart and a rider from North Essex Velo tried  to push it on to create a breakaway. However no one could get a big enough gap to get away with both Star riders trying to slow the pack as the other one attacked. Therefore down to the last few laps and a sprint up the hill, but after so many attacks nobody had much left in the legs for a sprint up the incline to the finish. But top 5 finishes for both Star riders with Stuart in 3rd and Peter in 5th.

Therefore 7 points for Stuart and Promotion to CAT3, and 5 for Peter who is now on 7 in total.

Brilliant effort from Stuart, racing on consecutive evenings, well deserved congratulations for the step up to CAT 3.