Tabarcarz freewheels to victory

Fun in the Sun. 

A bright sunny Saturday morning, heralded the weekly club ride this week. A club ride with a difference this weekend. In that it also incorporated the clubs ‘ Downhill – freewheel challenge or Trinders Trophy. 

Our Ride Secretary, John Tustain, once again excelled in planning and organising a ride that also included the usual coffee and cake stop at the Deddington Arms and the ‘ Freewheel ‘ trophy. 

So about an hour after leaving the People’s Park at Banbury , we stopped for coffee in Deddington. A chance for all the competitors in the Trinders Trophy to add a little weight in an attempt to drag themselves a little further in the competition. 

Around 40 riders got themselves over to Hempton and the hill that is the venue for the competition. A narrow lane that leads up to Duns Tew, the hill has a few twists and turns, which creates a few nerves as you roll down, head down and staring at a front wheel there is a slight rise at the bottom, which most people managed to get over and roll to the flat. 


Defending champion Dave Pitman was starter and held everyone upright. As no pedalling is allowed in the competition a number of attempts to become more ‘Aero’ were made, removing pedals and resting feet on the seat /chain stays was one way. An Aero helmet appeared as well, most took to getting as low as possible sitting on crossbars or hanging over the back of the saddle. 

A lot of fun was had, freewheeling as far as possible. Dave Pitman could not repeat his feat of last year and has had to hand over The Trinders Trophy to Emanuel Tabarcarz many congratulations on winning the Trinders Trophy Competition.