Santhouse 2nd at MK Bowl Crit

Last Thursday 11th August ,Richard Santhouse took part in the MK Bowl Criterium Race series, Mens Cat 3. It was a very hot day with temperatures soaring up to 33C. 

Richard Santhouse at MK Bowl

Richard Santhouse Crit MK Bowl

Richard Celebrates

The race started at a very steady pace, probably due to the warm conditions to avoid overheating. The race pace picked up with riders attacking on the front, but were quickly closed down by the chasing peloton with some riders doing a majority of the work. Richard making strategic decisions in view of the heat and previous MK Bowl  races choose to sit back in this race to save energy , knowing that  a breakaway wouldn’t be very likely

Towards the end of the race Richard joined some of the attacks, to ensure they wouldn’t go without him, but these were quickly shut down by the main group. 

On the last lap Richard was in a perfect position about 4th to 5th from the front. As the race pack approached the final ascent up to the finish line, Richard was behind one of the faster riders, Alan W. As Alan attacked on the front Richard followed his wheel all the way to the finish line. Richard pushed hard but was unable to overtake Alan W during the sprint. Richard finished 2nd place, his best finish of the season so far. A great result for Richard and the club.