Stars Win 9up TT

Saturday September 3rd  and Abingdon’s 9up Team Time Trial started on a mild still morning with an ever-increasing southerly wind. The Banbury Stars were all psyched up after a motivating team talk and at 09:08 they headed off for what would be a world of joyful suffering. A few splits opened up in the first few laps on the corners, this caused some surging within the rear of the team while the front end had to slow. After a couple of laps the team manged to dial this out and flow more smoothly round the circuit. For some though the surgy damage was done and by lap 7 of 15 the Banbury Stars were down to 6 riders and then 5, the minimum required to cross the line. The pressure was on, but the morale was high, they’d already lapped multiple other teams and the pace was not slowing. After some heroic pulls on the front from the mighty Josh Newbould it looked certain the Banbury Stars with their tired legs and wheezing lungs would cross the finish line in a formation the red arrows would salute and a time plenty strong enough to seal the win. Once the lactate had subsided and heart rates returned to earth it was all smiles and cheers as the BSCC were crowned 9up TTT champions. A great effort from everyone in the team. For one special rider however, one race wasn’t enough. 60 minutes later Richard Santhouse went on to race in the E123. After all, fatigue is only an emotion.
Banbury Stars 9up TTT Team:
Peter Drnovšek
Josh Newbould
Oscar Strange