Autumn Reliability Ride – Write up

On Sunday 23rd October, 3 soaked stars turned up at Woodgreen leisure centre in surprisingly good spirits.

Richard Betteridge – Training for LEJOG 2023, if it rains in Scotland, I’ll still have to ride

Josh Newbould and Richard Santhouse – KOM is an average of 23mph, let’s go for it in the rain!!


Richard B set off with a wave and confidence in his new coat’s first outing in the rain. Josh had already abandoned his coat as the inside was wetter than the outside, and his “dry” spares, were no longer dry! Rich S led the way in short sleeves and shorts – what’s a bit of rain!!


Richard B navigated rivers and lakes, biblical rain and wished he’d borrowed one of the canoe clubs canoes to get him around! But after playing chicken with the deer and sheep on the wet leaves he got to Burford and much like for Moses the clouds parted and the sun came out and the trip back was a pleasent ride on a beutiful day! Thus our sole brave (Mad?) star finished his ride and showed all 235 members what a man on a mission can achieve.


Oh, and the other two speed merchants – 2 miles in and a punctured tubless tyre that wouldn’t seal in the rain put paid to them!


Let’s hope for more brave (mad) stars in the Spring