Five Reasons

Honorary club member Keri Williams is a legend when it comes to all things relating to time trialling. So, sit back, relax and read why you should be on the starting line for March’s “Come & Try” 5 mile TT.


There was a lot of talk about time trials at our recent AGM and more than a bit of muttering about whether they are for everyone.

Having ridden (or time kept) the odd one or three of these in my time, I thought I’d explore the Top 5 reasons why anyone might want to try a Time Trial.

Time trials … nah, not for you right?

Full of stick insect thin, adrenalin fuelled, super athletes on thoroughbred steeds. All dressed up with their Darth Vader hats, shaven legs, clad in compression socks tighter than your average Boa Constrictor’s grip and more obsessed about their weight than Posh Spice on a diet!

Who’d want to be a part of all that nonsense?

I could write a book on all this

Well, you might be surprised to hear, it’s probably someone just like you.

  1. Firstly, they are just fun … No really!

Much as the actual race might hurt, the atmosphere, camaraderie (“Bants” I believe, is what “Da Youff” call it), that feeling of being a part of the event as a competitor, really is something quite special.

  1. The anticipation.

From the moment you decide to enter, you will find yourself thinking about the race. I used to find it started with a background low level buzz, a touch of nervousness, developing into a sharpened focus of mind, slight feeling of dread maybe, but it certainly makes the heart beat just that little bit faster.

  1. It is all about You.

Time trials are not about anyone else. How fast or slow anyone else goes matters not at all, it is all about beating your own time, setting your own records and achieving your own goals, whether that be a sub 40 min K4/20, breaking the historical 20mph “evens” average, or maybe even beating the magical hour for a 25-mile event.

They are called the “Race of Truth” for a reason and they are simply about you, riding your bike around a set course, just as fast as you can. You against the watch.

Your goals / your achievement / your success.

  1. That “crossing the line” feeling.

We all want to test ourselves, right? When you have pushed yourself to your limit and crossed that finish line, that’s the feeling of success right there.

If you have managed to go quicker than you have ever done before, checked your watch/computer/personal satellite station, as you cross the line and then get confirmation from the timekeeper of a newly set PB – well that is a feeling you can’t bottle and is in fact, hard to replicate in “normal” life.

I would rate it as being even better than getting to the coffee stop first and nabbing the best (biggest) slice of cake on a Saturday club ride.

  1. Telling the tale.

Every race has its story. Doesn’t matter how your ride has gone, the telling of your race story, is part of the fun and is always well received by others – well most others, truthfully it doesn’t always go down well with partners, kids or work colleagues, but in my view, “sharing is caring” and who wouldn’t want to hear about how you were spinning that 54 x 13 gearing whilst doing over 30mph, down the Stratford Road.

There is much more I could add but, Roger the blogger, gets quite cross if my wittering’s go on for too long (I don’t – I love his ramblings), so all I can say is, you now have a winter to prepare so ….

Go On, Go On, Go On, Go On, Go On – the 2023 season will soon be here and you won’t regret it – Honest!

Want to know more about time trialling, then why not read Keri’s March 2017 blog, which was all about his Top 10 tips for time trialling