Winter Endurance Training

New joint Race Secretaries, Richard Santhouse and Josh Lovell, have already been busy formulating plans for next season. In fact, it’s already started, with an initial training ride over the weekend.

The plan is, to have these winter rides of around 60-70 miles every Sunday, starting at 8am, from Easington pub. No cafe stop is planned for these sessions. These Zone 2 training rides are open to all riders who want to improve their endurance fitness and build up some base miles to facilitate aerobic development.

So, what is a Zone 2 training ride? A Zone 2 ride is the second zone in 6-7 zone scale – as shown in the chart below – often referred to as the Endurance Zone. Zone 2 is most often calculated as a 55-75% of a threshold value, commonly Functional Threshold Power or FTP, as well as Threshold Heart Rate (THR) as 68-85%,) and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) 3-4 out of 10.

Here’s some Key Benefits of Zone 2 Training:

– Increases mitochondrial density within the Type I (slow twitch muscle fibres), the more mitochondria in the muscle cell, the better for endurance.

– Zone 2 builds Capillary Density around Type I fibres help remove metabolic by-products from the muscles, including Lactate and CO2.

– Improves Oxidative Enzyme activity, faster process of oxygen to produce energy.

– Higher FatMax, increasing the maximum power output at which you still burn predominantly fat for fuel.

If you want to find out more and have some free time (even on the indoor trainer), watch the Deep into Zone 2 training with Peter Attia.  

Our second session will take place next Sunday 20th November, same time, same place and please arrive 10/15 minutes before the start time.

Please read the online club ride rules before attending.     All non-members will be permitted two free taster rides.

Any questions feel free to ask.