Who won what at our 2022 annual awards dinner

A great turnout of members descended on Banbury Rugby Club on Friday 2nd December, for the club’s annual awards dinner. Ably organised by social secretary Darrel Foulk, members enjoyed a three-course meal, wine and coffee, followed by the presentation of awards this historic club has now accumulated.

These cover a wide range of cycling’s many disciplines, for both men and women, as well as for the club’s growing junior section. All the awards were presented by the club’s joint presidents, Matt Sleath and Mark Boyles.

Starting with the juniors, the winners were:

Poppy Kisley – Bolland Trophy (U21 points)

Peggy Simpkins – Manners Cup (TT handicap) – Tobin Cup (30m TT)

Alex Putt – Powell Trophy (best all-rounder)


17 year old Peggy Simpkins collecting the Manners Cup

Women’s trophies

Naomi de Pennington – Broadribb Trophy (hill climb) – Golden Age Trophy (K4/20 TT)

Ila Pearson – Peake Trophy (25m club TT)


Overall winner trophies

Lee Heron – Lester Cup (50m TT) – Thomas Veterans Cup – Thomas Best All-Rounder Cup

Josh Newbould – Durran Cup (hill climb) – Simon Smith Cup (10m any Open TT)

Josh Lovell – Edmunds Cup (30m club TT) – Stratford Cup (best 6 performances)

Simon Bull – Friswell Cup (25m club TT)

Mike Kirby – Lomas Shield (100m TT)

Richard Santhouse – Wali Shield (most success in road races)

Ed Anderson – Russell Memorial Bowl (25m club TT)

Emanuel Tabarcarz – Trinders Trophy (downhill)

Lee Heron may be a veteran, but he still won three trophies

The final trophy of the evening is always The President’s Award, which is awarded to the member who has made an outstanding contribution to the club. This year’s recipient was Mike Gillett, who has been responsible, over the last few years, for organising the club’s highly successful annual road race. Thank you Mike, well deserved.