Weds 5 Jul K4/25W Russell Memorial Bowl time trial preview

This Wednesday’s time trial is the final long-distance race of the season and yet again there’s some serious silverware up for grabs, this time the Russell Memorial Bowl which was presented to the club eighty years ago. You can read more about it here.

Changes for 2023
Before jumping into the details of the race, there are some important changes for 2023 which all riders must be aware of:

  • For 2023, we have decided to return to the umbrella of Cycling Time Trials which provides more flexibility and also allows us to host guest riders from other clubs who won’t have to pay any kind of third-party membership, we hope to see riders from around the region come to test themselves
  • There is no pre-race registration for the first time since 2019, entrants can now just turn up, sign on, pay and race
  • Front lights and helmets become mandatory, even for hill climbs. Rear lights have been required for several years.

Race HQ
Sign-on and race number collection starts from 6pm in the car park just by the National Herb Centre  and closes at 6.40pm with the first riders off at 7.01pm.

Race Officials
Timekeepers: Rhys Martin and Oli Wright
Marshals: Fay Barrington, Simon Bull, Matt Adams and Team Cherwell (Phil Gilkes)

Race Route

After a standing start, the course takes riders along a long gentle descent to the outskirts of Banbury. The course then continues through the first roundabout by the Sainsbury’s local shop and on to the next (marshalled) roundabout where a u-turn is performed to  return back up the B4100, past the start and some words of encouragement from the timekeepers before the descent down Warmington Hill. Riders stay on this road all the way through the new roundabout at the army depot and onwards (and upwards) to Gaydon and the next marshalled roundabout where another u-turn is made.  Then it’s back along the course, up Warmington Hill and along to the outskirts of Banbury once again. After going straight through the first roundabout the riders will once again go all around the second roundabout and back along the course to the finish line near Camper King.

Course records

DateNameTime Club
31 Aug 2020Luke Norris0:54:56MBSCC
24 May 2017Jon Simpkins0:55:05M Non-BSCCDrag2Zero
3 Jul 2019Naomi de Pennington1:02:56FBSCC
07 Jun 2023Lydia Watts1:01:45F Non-BSCCHutchinson Brother
05 Jul 2023Joseph Hedley1:08:47MU18 BSCC
8 Jun 2022Peggy Simpkins1:09:20FU18 BSCC
25 May 2022Alex Putt1:10:03MU16 BSCC
25 May 2022Poppy Kisley1:11:28FU16 BSCC

Entry fees
All riders who have to pay will do so by contactless means at the race HQ before collecting their number. We accept payment via debit card, credit card, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Android Pay but no cash, IOUs or promises of beer are accepted!

Banbury Star members who have paid the TT supplement: £0
Other Banbury Star members: £3
Team Cherwell members: £4 (paid by club)
Other guests: £5
Parking: £1
BSCC members can opt to pay the TT supplement at any point during the season.

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