Great team turn out for Didcot TT round of ORRL

The club was well presented at Dicot Phoenix Cycling Club’s Open TT on Sunday, with 10 club members entered. The event attracted an entry of nearly 60 riders, with an early start of 7.30am for the first rider off. The event was also part of the Oxfordshire Road Race League (ORRL), so it was good to see a good team turnout.

The 10 mile, H10/17R course, takes place entirely on the A420, just outside Abingdon and is fairly flat with a slow incline up to roundabout where you turn back on yourself.

Considering the changeable weather, we’ve been experiencing, conditions weren’t too bad. The course was dry in most places, with a few damp patches from overnight rain. It was a tailwind heading out up to the turnout around point with a headwind all the way to the finish line.

Eight of the ten smile for the camera – well done team

Club riders put in some great performances, with three in the Top 10. Richard Santhouse earned his place on the podium, finishing second overall on 21.26, just 35 seconds behind the winner. Trouble is, from an ORRL point of view, as a Cat 2 rider, Richard can’t now score points for the league.

However, good points were earned by Josh Lovell in 6th on 22.18 and 9th placed Danny Marron on 22.34. Other placings were, Ed Anderson 13th on 22.41, Simon Bull 20th on 23.07, Mark Boyles 25th on 23.46, Peggy Simpkins 39th on 26.15, Poppy Kisley 43rd on 27.06, Hayley Holland 45th on 27.31 and Mike Gillett 50th on 30.40.

It was great to see that Peggy’s time earned her the best Junior award. At the time of writing, ORRL points and revised positions have not been published, but it’s believed we’re still second in the men’s category.