1.1 Rides and events

Banbury Star CC organises club rides each weekend which are open to members and also invited guests who have a view to joining the club. Non-members are allowed to take part in two club rides before joining the club and must register in the same way as members. Lapsed Members are not eligible for tasters rides.

All weekend rides require registration before attending. Registration can be performed by following this link

In addition to weekend rides, one-off events may also be organised and will appear on the club’s ride calendar published on the website, e.g. on Bank Holidays, Reliability Rides etc and these rules and protocols are also applicable. For brevity in defining the rules, the term “event” is also a “ride”.

Rides may be cancelled at late notice due to adverse weather or non-availability of a ride leader. Members are advised to check the website and Facebook on the morning of a ride to check for any last-minute changes and possibly avoid a wasted journey.

The minimum age to join a club ride is 12 years and riders aged under 14 are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian on the same ride. Riders aged between 14 and 16 can ride with an authorized delegate acting as chaperon rather than parent/guardian. Riders who are 16 and over can ride unaccompanied. Any authorisation of delegation must be kept up-to-date and be valid for the rides being ridden and logged with the club’s Secretary.

1.2 Rides

By participating on a club ride, you agree:

  • That Banbury Star CC, its officials and ride leaders are not responsible for your safety and welfare and that you join at your own risk and liability and assume full responsibility for your own safety in relation to other road users and riders.
  • Understand that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that sole responsibility for your personal safety remains with you, including your physical and emotional preparation and fitness to participate in the ride.
  • That you are aware that the rides are held on open public roads and the organisers cannot be held responsible for actions, accidents or incidents caused by other road users.
  • To notify a ride leader and remove yourself from participation if you sense or observe any unusual hazard or unsafe condition or if, during the ride, you feel unable or unfit to safely continue for any reason including being unable to maintain the ride’s advertised pace.
  • To give a full release and waiver of liability and all claims that you have, or may have in the future, against Banbury Star CC and its officials from all liability for any loss, damage, injury or expense that you may suffer as a result of your participation in any part or parts of a ride or your presence, due to any cause whatsoever including any form of negligence.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to take part and if you suffer from any medical condition or illness that may affect your fitness or ability to take part in the ride it is your personal choice to take part and the organisers accept no liability for exacerbating your condition or any ill effects you may suffer during or after the ride.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the Ride Secretary if you have any severe allergies that may require additional controls whilst at any designated refreshment stops.
  • To follow the rules of the Highway Code.
  • Your bike is roadworthy, properly maintained and suitable for the type of ride and you carry the necessary tools, food, water and if required (e.g. a reliability ride) a course map, either on paper or on a bike computer.
  • That Banbury Star CC may use photographs of you for promotional purposes without notification.
  • To wear a properly fitted cycling helmet.
  • To have a working rear light on all club rides
  • To not use tri/aero/clip-on bars if they are fitted to your bike.
  • To not half-wheel.
  • To notify a ride leader if you are unable to maintain the advertised pace.
  • To behave courteously to other riders, members of the public and other road users.
  • To carry your club membership card which declares any medical issues and emergency contact details.

Club rides are not to be used for race training purposes; they are social rides.

Unless they inform the ride leader, nobody will be left behind on a club ride. If the group splits whilst climbing a hill, it will wait at an appropriately safe point at the top for the last rider to ascend.

At various points during a ride, the group will swap between being single or double file in accordance with British Cycling best practice and the Highway Code rules. The ride leaders will signal which formation will be adopted.

Club rides during the winter months, following the clocks changing in October until March, will encounter wet and/or muddy roads and mudguards are to be fitted to bikes as a courtesy to the rest of the group by preventing spray. The bottom of the mudguard must come below the line of the rear axle.

Bikes are to be fitted with legally compliant lighting and reflectors for rides outside of daylight hours.

The Club requires members hold third party insurance cover, e.g. as a member of British Cycling, Cycling UK or another comparable service provider to be able to take part in club rides. You will be asked to provide details during the joining process and/or when registering for club rides. Non Members on “2 Taster” rides accept personal liability and will be expected to hold third party insurance when joining.

Links can be found here for reference; British Cycling, Cycling UK

Ride Rules adopted at AGM held by: Zoom
On: Tuesday 20th October 2020
Name: Paul Dean