Club Rides

The resumption of club rides following the update in Government legislation and British Cycling guidance will change the way we organise and run our rides for the foreseeable future.

To prepare for the relaunch of rides the club has prepared a protocol document which is mandatory reading for all club members planning on joining a ride as we all have a duty of care towards our clubmates, members of the public and the staff at the coffee stops in mitigating the spread of the virus. Download it here.

You must not ride if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or suspect that you may have been exposed to someone who has, or if you live or work with someone who has started self-isolating in the last 14 days.

The changes that we have implemented are in place until further notice and will be subject to review and revision on a regular basis as we gain experience with them.

Key changes include:

  • Pre-registration is required, you can no longer just turn up and ride, link is available here
  • Rides will no longer meet at Broadribbs. We will meet at the People’s Park
  • Group size limits will be in place, each group will consist of a ride leader and up to seven members.
  • Multiple groups will leave at timed intervals
  • All riders must bring the necessary PPE as defined by the Government
  • Absolutely no spitting or nose clearing by anyone will be tolerated unless it’s into a tissue

The registration form will be posted in the News section of the website early each week and close 24 hours before the ride takes place.

The club organises rides for its members on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, with well-led routes designed for riders of all abilities. The rides are created using Garmin Connect and can be downloaded to your bike’s computer by following the link embedded for each of the routes. Please ensure your bike is roadworthy, you have the clothing appropriate for the expected weather conditions, a tool bag including a spare inner tube and wearing a helmet is mandatory.

By coming on a Banbury Star club ride you agree to the following existing terms and conditions:

Ride rules, protocol and small print which is important to read

Please arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the departure time.

Club ride meeting point


Saturday has two rides which both meet at the People’s Park at 0945:

Gentle ride: a route of between 25-30 miles at an average speed of 12-14mph and with a mid-point stop for coffee and cake. This is suitable for riders new to road/group cycling or who want a more social ride. We don’t climb any major hills to avoid people being dropped.

Intermediate ride: a longer route of approximately 35 miles and between 15-16mph, again stopping for coffee and cake.


Sunday has three rides which all meet at the People’s Park

0900 – For competent intermediates and above two rides take place both using the same route of approximately 50 miles. The difference being the group speeds, the slower is 16-17mph and the faster is 17-18mph.

1000 – For intermediates or riders progressing from the Saturday ride, this will be a route of 35 miles at 15-16 mph with a pre-determined coffee stop.

Ride Calendar

Please have a look at the Club Rides Calendar to see which rides are planned. For each ride’s event you will see who is leading it, where the meeting point is and by clicking “Learn More” a new window will open in Garmin Connect to allow you to see the route and download it to your own Garmin device.

Coffee stops

Click here for a map of our tried and tested BSCC coffee stop locations

Group riding etiquette

The thought of joining a club ride for the first time may seem daunting, especially if your rides have previously been solo efforts, but we’ve all been in that situation before and are here to help. Riding as part of a group is more sociable and rewarding and can also help achieve a higher level of fitness but there are some “rules” that you should be aware of beforehand.

The club has put together a booklet setting out our expectation for rider behaviour and etiquette whilst taking part on a club ride as part of a group.

It’s essential for all members to understand what is expected of them and to use this to ensure the safety of the group remains paramount.

Download the Group Ride Etiqutte booklet

Also British Cycling have an excellent guide to group riding which can be viewed here.