General Rules

1. The club shall be called the Banbury Star Cyclists’ Club.

2. The club shall be open to all cyclists, whose membership shall commence on payment of the annual subscription.

3. The annual subscription shall be:
– Senior First Claim £20
– Senior Second Claim £10
– Students and Senior Citizens £10
– Juveniles (under 16) £5

Time Trials:
– Club members per TT £2
– Club members for the whole season £10
– Non-members per TT £3

4. Subscriptions of members joining after 1st October shall cover them until 31st December of the following year.

5. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in January of each year. 21 days notice shall be given to all members by the Secretary, all members to be sent agendas 7 days prior to the meeting.

6. It will be the right of the General Meeting to discontinue the membership of anyone whose conduct is detrimental to the good name of the club.

7. The Officers of the club elected annually, shall consist of the President, a Secretary and Treasurer. The President is to act as non-voting chair of the meetings, but is to have a casting vote in the event of any tie.

8. Ex-officio members will be appointed at the AGM, as follows: Club Runs Organiser, Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation Organiser, Race Liaison Officer, Press Secretary, New Membership/Recruitment, Website Manager. These members are to attend the General Meetings as appropriate.

9. Rules may only be amended by a simple majority at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting at which the non-voting Chairman has the casting vote. Motions for amendment to rules must appear on the Agenda for the meeting in order that all members be notified of a possible change of rule.

10. All Club runs shall start in North Bar, Banbury. This rule is superceded on safety grounds and will be replaced with one which states all club runs shall start outside Broadribbs Cycles in George Street.

Competition Rules

1. Racing shall be conducted according to the rules of the relevant associations.

2. A programme of club events shall be held annually.

3. A flat rate racing subscription of £10 may be paid to cover all club events including the A5 Inter-Club fixtures. This subscription must be paid by 31 March. The alternative method of paying this subscription is to pay £2 per club event before the ride.

4. The Club colours shall be Royal Blue, Vivid Yellow and White in an approved design.

5. Awards:
Less than three starters – No event.
3-5 entrants – 1st Handicap.
6-10 entrants – 1st Handicap & 1st Fastest.
11-15 entrants – 1st & 2nd Handicap & 1st Fastest.
Over 15 entrants – 1st & 2nd Handicap & 1st & 2nd Fastest.

(The above does not apply to “SERIES EVENTS”).

6. No rider shall receive more than one award in each club event.

7. A rider may claim a Standard Time award after completing a qualifying ride at the specified distance without prior notification. The cost of the Standard Time awards shall be borne by the club. To qualify, the rider’s previous best time must be beaten. A rider must claim an award, and in the case of Open and Semi-Open events, produce an authenticated result sheet.

8. The onus of organising a place-to-place record attempt shall be on the rider, e.g. timekeeper, marshals, etc. Seven days’ notice shall be given to the Racing Secretary.

9. Second claim members shall not be eligible for any club trophies or awards.

10. Prizes shall be awarded for attendance on club runs on a points basis from 1st October to 30th September of the following year. Points to be awarded as follows:- Weekend 4, Day run 2, Morning or Afternoon run 1.