Race report template

A rough guide on the sort of brief information required to enable the Press Officer to write an interesting and informative news story/report.

You don’t need to write the story, just provide as much useful information as you can.,

This applies to Time Trials, Road Races, Cyclocross and also things like Sportives.

Number 1.  Always try and provide a link to the organising clubs event website page, particularly the results page. A CTT link for TTs is excellent as they carry a lot of information.

Some of the following maybe found in the above, but if not please provide

  1. Course details – location – length (time/distance) – undulation – state of surface – number of laps
  2. Weather conditions – wet, dry, sunny etc. – wind (strength, head or tailwind)
  3. Entry – Race categories – entry number – any Elite riders – other BSCC members
  4. Personal info – race position – have you done event before – any incidents/achievements
  5. Any other interesting information to make a good story
  6. Finally – if possible one or more photos

Reports to pressofficer@banburystar.co.uk as soon as possible please. Guardian deadline midday Monday for Thursday edition. Inform press officer first, then post on Facebook.