Time Trialling under Covid-19

Time trialling under Covid for the remainder of the 2021 season at least, will continue with some relaxation ofthe changes we introduced. Compliance to these changes is required if we are to effectively manage the identified risks and continue with our sport during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The essence of the time trial will still remain the same: it’s you riding alone against the clock however the Government Coronavirus legislation and an updated Risk Assessment from Cycling Time Trials to whom we affiliate introduced changes to the way we prepare and run the events. We will regularly review any updates to the conditions we operate under and adapt our time trial rules accordingly.

Each and every one of those taking part, whether rider or official, now have a greater responsibility and it’s essential that those responsibilities are understood. We must act as cycling ambassadors, further enhancing the image of not just our club but also that of our sport and play our part in not transmitting the Covid-19 virus.

You must not take part in any time trial if you feel unwell, have any Covid-19 symptoms or suspect that you may have been exposed to someone who has, or if you live or work with someone who has started self-isolating in the last 14 days. This is the primary means of not infecting other racers or volunteers and must be adhered to.

Before the Time Trial

1) There will be no “on the day” entry to our time trials until further notice. We have to manage the size of the field to be compliant to what has been declared in the Police Notification Forms and also ensure there are no gatherings at the race number collection area.

2) All competitors wishing to ride will have to complete an online registration form, the link for which will be published in the News section, on the club’s Facebook group and by email to all members.

3) Pre-registration will be open from the Thursday before a Time Trial and close at 5pm on the Monday before the event.

4) If you have pre-registered but are unable to ride, you MUST email ttsecretary@banburystar.co.uk and president@banburystar.co.uk as soon as you know to allow your reserved place to be assigned to another rider. Failing to do this and not turning up may prevent you from being accepted in future club time trials this season.

4) All competitors must be paid-up members of TLI, membership is £15 per year and gives riders liability insurance. No “on the line” membership can be purchased. Buy TLI membership.

5) The entry will be free for Banbury Star members who have paid the annual TT supplement, £1 otherwise and £2 for all non-members.

6) The entry fee will be paid when collecting the race number, payment will be made via a contactless card reader which accepts debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. No cash or cheques can be taken and no IOUs accepted.

7) Marshals will be notified in advance of their marshalling position and must bring their own hi-viz vest/jacket.

8) If more than the permitted number of riders have registered, the Time Keeper will allocate spaces in the following order of priority:

Banbury Star members who have paid the TT supplement
Other Banbury Star members
Team Cherwell members
Previous Banbury Star club TT entrants
Other guest riders

9) You will be notified in advance if your registration has not been successful due to over-subscription.

10) A more detailed set of briefing instructions defining anything particular to the course being used will be emailed to each registered entrant.


The day of the Time Trial

1) Again, if you have pre-registered but are unable to ride, you MUST email ttsecretary@banburystar.co.uk and president@banburystar.co.uk

2) Any last minute changes to the event will be published on the club’s Facebook group and website. It is essential entrants check these before setting off.

3) Ludlow Drive will not be used as the sign-on location for any of the 2021 K4/20 events so as we do not disturb the residents. In addition, Ludlow Drive is not to be used for car parking until further notice and it is the responsibility of entrants to find an alternative location for their cars.

4) Marshals can proceed directly to their marshalling location, they will be briefed in advance by the Time Keeper.

5) All entrants are reminded that a working rear light is mandatory for the 2021 season. You will not be allowed to race without one.


The Time Trial

1) The race “HQ” location will be declared in the pre-race briefing instructions.

2) Removed.

3) You will be able to collect your pre-santised race number from an hour before the start of the race until twenty minutes before. Clean safety pins will be provided at the first event, after this you retain them for the remainder of the season.

4) Removed.

5) Removed.

6) Removed.

7) With the exception of leaving the HQ vicinity and arriving at the start line, the race’s course cannot be used for warm-up purposes so as to limit overtaking of racing competitors.

8) Removed.

9) There will be no pusher-offer at the start line, you will start from a stationary standing position on instruction from the Time Keeper who will perform a countdown from thirty seconds. A rolling start is not allowed.

10) It is the responsibility of all competitors to accurately time their arrival at the start area to avoid group gatherings and congestion.


After the Time Trial

1) No spectators are allowed to gather at the finish line, only the Time Keeper and an Assistant will be there.

2) On crossing the finish line please shout your race number to help the Time Keeper record your time.

3) You will then return to the finish area to place your race number (with pins removed) into a container for later sanitation before immediately leaving the finish area, no gatherings are allowed.

4) Please don’t ask the Time Keeper for your race time, the results will be posted on the club’s Facebook group and website following official verification.

5) If you develop Covid-19 symptoms in the 14 days after taking part in a club Time Trial you are to immediately notify welfareofficer@banburystar.co.uk and president@banburystar.co.uk



Your familiarisation, understanding and cooperation with these new rules is both appreciated and essential if we are to comply with the Government’s legislation, CTT/TLI guidance and club rules.

The changes may seem onerous to what we are used to but are required if we want to return to some kind of club time trials whilst managing the risk of the transmission of Covid-19 to competitors, race officials and members of the public and a lot of work has taken place by the club officials who organise time trials to ensure we can run events during 2021.

So with that, there’s only one thing left to say, and that’s:

“Do a good ride”